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Our survey polled over 1,200 European tech founders and asked them to self-identify based on a number of characteristics, including gender, ethnicity, education and their financial status prior to founding their company. We also asked these founders to share whether they had raised external funding or whether they had bootstrapped their companies. While this data set has limitations, it provides an interesting insight into who Europe's founders are and who's raised funding. Based on this data, 21% of all founders who responded are women, though they make up only 15% of founder respondents who have raised external capital.

Share of founder respondents (%) who have raised external funding by self-identified gender



  • All founders
  • Already raised external capital
  • Bootstrapped to date
Share of founders who reported having already raised external capital (of any amount) versus reporting having bootstrapped their companies. Excludes founders who responded 'Other'. Founder respondents only. Numbers may not add to 100 due to rounding.