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A Word from Slush

A word from Slush

At Slush, we believe that entrepreneurship is one of the most effective ways to create change in the world. According to this year’s survey data, in Europe, already the majority of entrepreneurs and especially investors are looking to measure the long-term societal and environmental impact their business or portfolio has. The five-fold growth in investment into purpose-driven businesses during the last five years in Europe speaks the same language. In 2019 alone, more than $5B was deployed in these companies. This is a development we’re happy to see, and one where we see Europe being able to take a driver’s seat globally.

However, Europe is only waking up to the diversity issue as a whole, and to the fact that entrepreneurship is not equally accessible to everyone. We all are more prone to solve problems we can see, and it takes different people to see different problems – and to see them as openings for business. Slush continues being committed to highlighting a wider variety of role models for the next generation of founders through our events and newly launched media.

With these developments in mind, the record investment into European tech is a clear sign of a vibrant ecosystem. One of the most encouraging developments is the increased entrepreneurial ambition shown by the numbers of late-stage investment rounds: European companies are no longer selling early, but continue to grow as independent businesses. This builds the promise of exceptionally interesting times ahead with the founders and key employees of these success stories starting their second round of company-building.

Andreas Saari

CEO, Slush

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